Child in backyard exploring nature.
Image: Annabelle Studholme | ©


This ‘nature taster’ activity aims to spark interest and connection with nature using your senses.

Keep a journal

Add your findings to a nature journal.

What to do

  1. Look out of a window or head outside. 
  2. Sit quietly, individually and concentrate on your surroundings.
    • Focus on what is near. What can you touch and see close to you? What is within reach?
    • Use your other senses (eg, hearing and smell) to notice what is there.
    • Concentrate on what is far away. Which senses can you use to notice what is far away?
  3. Record your findings under the three headings, Near, There and Far.

Get help identifying species

Get help from scientists and fellow nature observers to identify the plants and animals in your photos by uploading them to iNaturalist, Seek and/or NZ Bird Atlas.

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