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How much do you know about New Zealand's natural places and the creatures in them? Test your knowledge with the kids' conservation quiz.

See if you have the right to call yourself a true Conservation kid!

  1. What should you do if you see a seal or sea lion enjoying the sunshine?
    1. Get up close for a photo
    2. Feed it some food
    3. Stay away and leave it alone

  2. How far can a kiwi fly?
    1. From Auckland to Wellington
    2. The length of a rugby field
    3. It can’t fly at all

  3. The kiwi is the only bird known to have nostrils at the end of its bill – true or false?

  4. This bird has the Māori name 'ruru'. What's its English name?
    1. Morepork
    2. Morebeef
    3. Morelamb

  5. What New Zealand reptile has been around since the time of the dinosaurs?

  6. What is the smallest type of dolphin in the world? Hint: It has the same name as a character from Māori legend.
    1. Māui
    2. Moana
    3. Hector's

  7. Which of these species is cannibalistic (meaning it will eat members of its own kind)
    1. Kea
    2. Whio/blue duck
    3. Kauri snail

  8. Possums, stoats and rats are the biggest threats to our native species – true or false?

  9. When a wētā grows, it sheds its outer skin. What is this called?
    1. Exoskeleton
    2. Sunburn
    3. Leftovers

  10. There is a species of giant wētā called ‘wētāpunga’. What does this mean?
    1. God of ugly things
    2. Big friend
    3. Scare your sister

  11. What bird is the takahē related to?
    1. Pūkeko 
    2. Fantail
    3. Moa

  12. Sirocco is a friendly green bird with his own Facebook page. What species of bird is he?
    1. Little penguin
    2. Kākāpō
    3. Weka

  13. Wetlands are full of all sorts of creatures. Most people think they’re gross smelly swamps, but they actually:
    1. smell like roses and chocolate
    2. are great swimming spots
    3. help prevent flooding across farm lands

  14. We get cabbages from native cabbage trees – true or false?

  15. Public conservation land belongs to:
    1. the Prime Minister
    2. DOC rangers
    3. all New Zealanders

  16. Our native bat/pekapeka is a mammal – true or false?

  17. New Zealand has two types of lizards – one is the gecko, what's the other?

  18. National parks are great places to:
    1. Build houses
    2. Go for scenic walks
    3. Move rats and mice to

  19. What New Zealand tree has the same name as the Māori word for 'yellow'?

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