Learn more about how you can use documents on this website that are not available as web pages and may not be accessible to everyone.

Some documents on this site are not available as web pages (HTML content). Instead they are in other formats that may not be accessible to everyone, for example Word, Excel or PDF.

Using documents that are not available as web pages

Links to document will contain the file format and size. In most cases there is also a short description of the document. This can help you decide if the document will be useful to you. You can also contact us to request the document in another format.

Learn how to open, save and print files from the DOC website.

Why we provide documents in non-HTML formats

Some documents are available only in a non-HTML format. We choose this when our only other option is to exclude the content completely.

Other non-HTML formats are provided to support the HTML content, or as an additional service to our visitor centres (eg. a recreation brochure).

How we prioritise HTML creation

We prioritise the creation of accessible HTML content based on criteria including:

  • the size and specialist nature of the audience for the content
  • how time-consuming or technically difficult it is to create accessible versions
  • the likely lifespan of the content
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