Respect braided riverbeds. The plants and animals that live there need your help to survive.

Riverbed birds nest from early September through to late January and need your special consideration during this period. The endangered black stilt/kakī can start to establish breeding territories as early as July or August.

  • Avoid driving any vehicle on riverbeds - park on the bank and walk to your destination. Vehicles damage plants and disturb birds; and also spread seeds into riverbeds.
  • If driving on a riverbed is unavoidable, stay on formed tracks.
  • Keep clear of nesting colonies and watch out for eggs and chicks.
  • If you've disturbed any birds, move on quickly so they can return to their nests.
  • Keep dogs on a lead or strictly to heel from early September through to late January.
  • Jet boats disturb birds and wash away nests. Keep speeds low – check the local Navigation Bylaws. The NZ Jetboat Association can supply more information about jet boating in rivers.
  • Get any necessary resource consents from regional councils for riverbed works.
  • Talk with DOC about how you can minimise impact on riverbed plants and animals.
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