This advisory group assists communication between anglers and the Taupō Fishery.

The Taupō Fishery Advisory Committee (TFAC) was established under the Conservation Act 1987, with its current structure and functions updated and detailed in the Taupō Fishery Regulations 2004. As a ‘users advisory group’ a key function of the Committee is to facilitate communication between the angling community and the fishery managers.


Overall, the 7 primary functions of TFAC, as defined by the fishery regulations are:

  1. Advocate for Taupō trout fishing interests.
  2. Facilitate communication between the angling community and the fishery managers
  3. Keep anglers informed on matters affecting their interests.
  4. Foster ethical standards of behaviour.
  5. Advise the Department on freshwater and sport fishing matters within the Taupō fishing district.
  6. Make representations, as it sees fit, to the Minister of Conservation or to the Department itself or any other government agency or organisation, on matters affecting the Taupō fishery including national and regional policy statements, management strategies and management plans.
  7. Liaise with Fish and Game New Zealand on matters of mutual interest relating to sports fish.


Membership is made up of:

  1. Eight members appointed by the Minister of Conservation from persons nominated by the following organisations:
    • Advocates for the Tongariro River
    • Motuoapa Fishing and Boating Club 
    • NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association
    • Taupō Commercial Launchman's Association
    • Taupō Fishing Club
    • Tongariro and Lake Taupō Anglers Club
    • Tongariro National Trout Centre Society
    • Waitahanui Angling Improvement Association
  2. One member of the Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board appointed by the Minister on advice from the Board.
  3. One member to represent national angler interests appointed by the Minister.
  4. One member to represent New Zealand Fish and Game Council appointed by the Minister on advice from the council.
  5. One member to represent the Conservator of the Department appointed by the Minister.
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