A list of our latest publications from each science series.

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New Zealand Threat Classification Series

Latest publication: February 2024

42. Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous terrestrial Gastropoda (slugs and snails). Part 3. Rhytididae (carnivorous snails), 2022
By: Kath Walker, Kerry Walton, Eric Edwards, Rod Hitchmough, Ian Payton, Gary Barker and Pascale Michel. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 42. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 32 p. (PDF, 4937K)

41. Conservation status of bats in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2022
By: Colin O’Donnell, Kerry Borkin, Jenny Christie, Ian Davidson-Watts, Gillian Dennis,Moira Pryde, Pascale Michel. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 41. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 18 p. (PDF, 783K)

40. Conservation status of indigenous marine invertebrates in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021
By: Greig Funnell, Dennis Gordon, Daniel Leduc, Troy Makan, Bruce A. Marshall, Sadie Mills, Pascale Michel, Geoff Read, Kareen Schnabel, Di Tracey and Stephen Wing. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 40. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 42p. (PDF, 517K)

39. Conservation status of Orthoptera (wētā, crickets and grasshoppers) in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2022
By: Steve Trewick, Danilo Hegg, Mary Morgan-Richards, Tara Murray, Corinne Watts, Peter Johns, and Pascale Michel. New Zealand Threat ClassificationSeries 39. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 28p.  (PDF, 770K)

38. Conservation status of selected species of non-lichenised agarics, boletes and russuloid fungi in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021
By: Jerry A. Cooper, Peter K. Buchanan, Pat Leonard, Lois Allison-Cooper, Peter Johnston, Mahajabeen Padamsee, Eric McKenzieand Pascale Michel. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 38. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 49 p. (PDF, 844K)

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Science for Conservation Series

Latest publication: November 2023

339. Kea (Nestor notabilis): a review of ecology, threats, and research gaps for conservation
By: Kerry Weston; Josh Kemp; Kate McInnes; Joanne Aley; Tamsin Orr-Walker; Tracey Dearlove; Jamie McAulay; Laura Young Science for Conservation 338. 43 p. (PDF, 4,830K)

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DOC Research & Development Series

Latest publication: June 2023

369. Recent developments in research on the herpetofauna of Aotearoa New Zealand
By: Deborah J. Wilson, Joanne M. Monks (Compilers)
DOC Research and Development Series 369, 2023. 19 p. (PDF, 563K)

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Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Latest publication: May 2024

Te Rautaki Whakaora Kea Kea Recovery Strategy 2024-2034. K. Weston, F. Sloan, B. Hodgson, J. Kemp, T. Orr-Walker, T. Dearlove, T. Greene, A. Goodman, J. McAulay, L. McLean, J. Van Hal and L. Young. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 2024. 23 p. (PDF, 10, 653K)

64. Kiwi (Apteryx spp.) recovery plan 2018–2028. J. Germano, S. Barlow, I. Castro, R. Colbourne, M. Cox, C. Gillies, K. Hackwell, J. Harawira, M. Impey, A. Reuben, H. Robertson, J. Scrimgeour, W. Sporle, S. Yong. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 64. 64 p. (PDF, 1,377K)

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Heritage Assessment Series

Latest publication: December 2018

4. Otago Central Rail Trail: heritage assessment. Paul Mahoney. Heritage Assessment Series 4. 38p. (PDF, 2,577K)

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