A list of our latest publications from each science series.


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Science for Conservation Series

Latest publication September 2017 

330. Mammalian pheromones – new opportunities for improved predator control in New Zealand. 
By B. Kay Clapperton, Elaine C. Murphy and Hussam A. A. Razzaq 2017. Science for Conservation 330. 53 p. (PDF, 1075K)

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DOC Research & Development Series

Latest publication June 2018 

353. Recent developments in New Zealand herpetofauna research: abstracts of papers presented at the 17th biennial conference of the Society for Research on Amphibians and Reptiles in New Zealand. By J.M. Monks and S. Penniket 2018. DOC Research and Development Series 352. 13p. (PDF, 2398K)

352. Survey of introduced mammals and invertebrates on Auckland Island, March–April 2015. By James C. Russell, Stephen R. Horn, Grant A. Harper and Pete McClelland 2018. DOC Research and Development Series 352. 21p. (PDF, 8029K)

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New Zealand Threat Classification Series

Latest publication June 2018 

23. Conservation status of New Zealand chondrichthyans (chimaeras, sharks and rays), 2016. By Clinton Duffy, Malcolm Francis, Matthew Dunn, Brit Finucci, Richard Ford, Rod Hitchmough and Jeremy Rolfe. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 23. 13 p. (PDF, 7,439K)

22. Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2017. By Peter J. de Lange, Jeremy R. Rolfe, John W. Barkla, Shannel P. Courtney, Paul D. Champion, Leon R. Perrie, Sarah M. Beadel, Kerry A. Ford, Ilse Breitwieser, Ines Schönberger, Rowan Hindmarsh-Walls, Peter B. Heenan and Kate Ladley. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 22. 82 p. (PDF, 8,580K)

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DOC Technical Series

Latest publication March 2015 

38. Protocols for the inventory and monitoring of populations of the endangered Australasian bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) in New Zealand. C. O’Donnell and E. Williams 2015. DOC Technical Series 38. 40 p. (PDF, 4,143K)

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Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Latest publication March 2014 

63. Native frog (Leiopelma spp.) recovery plan, 2013-2018. P.J. Bishop, L.A. Daglish, A.J.M. Haigh, L.J. Marshall, M.D. Tocher, K.L. McKenzie 2014. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 63. 39 p. (PDF, 873K

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Heritage Assessment Series

Latest publication September 2016  

3. Buster Diggings heritage assessmentM. Sutton. Heritage Assessment Series 3. 24p. (PDF, 2345K)

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