In the “Pingao (or Pikao) the Golden Sand Sedge

These web pages are designed to provide a basic resource not only about pikao, but also about coastal ecology and conservation. As far as possible contacts and references for the different areas have been provided so that you may get informed and involved easily. These web pages aim to inspire you to get out there and get involved, as the future of conservation now more than ever lies largely with community participation.

  • Many thanks to the CDVN for the production of such good bulletins, some of which provided a large amount of the basic information contained within this website. Keep up the good work!
  • To Sue Heath for initiating this website project and for having the confidence to hand it over to me.
  • To Jim Fyfe for his enthusiasm and encouragement as well as the rest of the PRG.
  • Especially to Megan Duncan and Mike Hilton for their photos and slides and good conversation.
  • To all those committed to coastal conservation and rehabilitation as your persistence in all aspects of the area will ultimately be the success story for the coastal environment.

These web pages have been set up for the communities benefit, so please let us know if you are a coastal conservation provider so local people may join you.

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