October 2010
Print off a simple compliance card which shows the Tūhua marine reserve boundary and regulations.

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Download the compliance card (PDF, 751K)


Reserve location information

The seaward boundary is described by points A-E as described below, using DATUM WGS84.

A 37º 15.634 176º 13.473
B 37º 15.226 176º 14.436
C 37º 15.052 176º 15.645
D 37º 15.118 176º 16.791
E 37º 15.692 176º 17.719

The island is privately owned. Strict quarantine rules apply. Landing is only permitted at Opo / South East Bay when the caretaker is present. Otherwise all landing prohibited.


All marine life is protected:

  • No fishing by any method
  • No taking of crayfish
  • No netting of any kind
  • No taking of shellfish
  • Do not collect specimens.
  • Do not disturb wildlife.

About the reserve:

The Tūhua Marine Reserve covers about 3 square nautical miles across the island’s northern coastline and extends from the high tide mark onshore to one nautical mile offshore. The eastern and western reserve boundaries, Turanginui Point and Tumutu Point, are marked by a pair of yellow triangles on the cliffs. The triangles line up when seen from the boundary.

Permitted activities in the reserve

  • Swimming
  • Power boating
  • Sailing
  • Diving and snorkelling


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