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What you’ll see

A dolphin is seen from above swimming near the surface followed by a surf beach, a humpback whale, and a group of common dolphins riding the bow-waves of a small boat. A girl is seen eating fish and chips on the shore and there is another shot of the sea as seen from the surface before dropping below. Here you see a dense school of fish in an archway, a diver alongside a green sea turtle, a stingray gliding overhead and a range of other species. A shot of the NIWA research vessel is then followed by images of some of the more unusual species photographed on the NORFANZ voyage.

What you’ll learn

While we are surrounded by ocean, we know very little about it and its inhabitants. Over 15,000 marine species have been described from New Zealand’s marine environment. And with so much left to explore, scientists estimate the total figure may be as high as 65,000.

The recent 2005 NORFANZ expedition is a great example of what weird and wonderful creatures might still be out there, yet to be discovered.

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