See the NZCPS 2010 and related guidance notes which have been developed by DOC to support its implementation.

These guidance notes do not form part of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 (NZCPS 2010). They have been prepared with support and input from local government and are not legal advice.

The implementation guidance introductory note (see first guidance note in table below) should be read in conjunction with the other guidance notes. 

Get guidance on transitional matters relating to the NZPCS 2010.

Not all of the following NZCPS 2010 policy guidance notes have been updated since the Supreme Court's decision on Environmental Defence Society Incorporated v The New Zealand King Salmon Company Limited [2014] NZSC 38.

The following two papers provide firstly a summary guidance note and secondly a review of the implications of the Supreme Court King Salmon decision for planning practice and the interpretation of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement.

New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 and related guidance
Policy statement Guidance note

Implementation guidance introductory note

Find out about transitional matters

Application of this policy statement
Policy 1: Extent and characteristics of the coastal
Policy 1 guidance (PDF, 692K) 
issued May 2013
Policy 2: The Treaty of Waitangi, tangata whenua and
Maori heritage
Policy 2 guidance (PDF, 773K)
Policy 3: Precautionary approach Policy 3 guidance (PDF, 196K)
Policy 4: Integration Policy 4 guidance (PDF, 202K)  

Policy 5: Land or waters managed or held under other Acts


Policy 5 guidance (PDF, 1021K)
issued February 2019

Policy 6: Activities in the coastal environment  Policy 6 guidance (PDF, 201K)
Policy 7: Strategic planning Policy 7 guidance (PDF, 221K)
Policy 8: Aquaculture Policy 8 guidance (PDF, 685K)
Policy 9: Ports Policy 9 guidance (PDF, 653K)
Policy 10: Reclamation and de-reclamation Policy 10 guidance (PDF, 754K) 
issued May 2013
Policy 11: Indigenous biological diversity (biodiversity) Policy 11 guidance (PDF, 1,250K)
Policy 12: Harmful aquatic organisms Policy 12 guidance (PDF, 622K)
issued July 2019
Policy 13: Preservation of natural character Policy 13 quidance (PDF, 289K) 
issued September 2013
Policy 14: Restoration of natural character Policy 14 quidance (PDF, 254K) 
issued September 2013
Policy 15: Natural features and natural landscapes Policy 15 quidance (PDF, 282K) 
issued September 2013
Policy 16: Surf breaks of national significance Policy 16 guidance (PDF, 1077K)
Policy 17: Historic heritage identification and protection Policy 17 guidance (PDF, 710K) 
issued October 2018
Policy 18: Public open space Policy 18 guidance (PDF, 688K) 
issued May 2013
Policy 19: Walking access Policy 19 guidance (PDF, 269K)
Policy 20: Vehicle access

Policy 20 guidance (PDF, 853K)
issued October 2018

Policy 21: Enhancement of water quality

Policy 21 guidance (PDF, 921K)
issued December 2018

Policy 22: Sedimentation

Policy 22 guidance (PDF, 1,041K)
issued December 2018

Policy 23: Discharge of contaminants

Policy 23 guidance (PDF, 994K)
issued December 2018

Find out what Policy 23 means for
discharges of untreated human sewage

Policy 24: Identification of coastal hazards
Policy 24 to 27 guidance (PDF, 2,075K)
Policy 25: Subdivision, use, and development in areas of
coastal hazard risk
Policy 26: Natural defences against coastal hazards
Policy 27: Strategies for protecting significant existing development
from coastal hazard risk
Policy 28: Monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the NZCPS Policy 28 guidance (PDF, 632K)
Policy 29: Restricted Coastal Activities Transitional matters
Schedule 1: Surf breaks of national significance Policy 16 guidance (PDF, 1077K)
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