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Get information on our vision, purpose and outcomes - including our intermediate outcomes and stretch goals.

Vision - 50+ years target

Our vision is: New Zealand is the greatest living space on Earth. 

 A place where, increasingly, the knowledge and commitment of New Zealanders is focused on restoring and sustaining a natural environment.

Outcome statement

To achieve this vision, our outcome statement is: New Zealanders gain environmental, social and economic benefits from healthy functioning ecosystems, recreation opportunities, and living our history.


Our overarching purpose statement is: Our nature – conservation leadership for what makes us New Zealand


Intermediate outcomes - 25 year targets (2040)

We have four intermediate outcomes around which conservation work is organised. 

  1. The diversity of our natural heritage is maintained and restored.
  2. Our history is brought to life and protected.
  3. New Zealanders and our visitors are enriched by outdoor experiences.
  4. New Zealanders connect and contribute to conservation.

Stretch goals - 10 year targets (2025)

To focus our effort and move towards our vision, we have developed a set of ‘stretch goals’. We will change and adapt these goals over time. 

Working with others through whanaungatanga to inspire and deliver world-leading conservation:

  • 90% of New Zealanders’ lives are enriched through connection to our nature.
  • Whānau, hapū and iwi are able to practise their responsibilities as kaitiaki of natural and cultural resources on public conservation lands and waters.
  • 50% of New Zealand’s natural ecosystems are benefiting from pest management.
  • 90% of our threatened species across New Zealand’s ecosystems are managed to enhance their populations.
  • 50 freshwater ecosystems are restored from ‘mountains to the sea’.
  • A nationwide network of marine protected areas is in place, representing New Zealand’s marine ecosystems.
  • The stories of 50 historic Icon Sites are told and protected.
  • 50% of international holiday visitors come to New Zealand to connect with our natural places.

Conservation outcomes model
Conservation outcomes model (SVG, 372K)

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