Volunteers at a planting day

Image: Sustainable Coastlines | Creative Commons


This year we celebrate 30 years of change in our work with communities. We put the spotlight on some of the milestones and challenges over that time and glimpse at the future of this work.


More New Zealanders than ever are donating their time, effort and money to the conservation challenge. From individuals to families and organised groups, thousands of people are actively restoring and protecting NZ’s unique natural heritage.

The trend is set to expand even further with the increase in large landscape scale projects and growing urban interest in conservation such as the country’s Predator Free NZ initiatives. This work contributes millions of dollars of value to conservation, not just in funds but from voluntary time, skills and in-kind contributions.

We have been a part of this movement since our establishment in 1987. This year DOC celebrates its 30th anniversary and we capture some of the major milestones in the development of our community engagement work.

We put the spotlight on people both inside and outside of DOC who reflect on the highlights, challenges and future of this work.

We'll be adding more spotlights over time, including 'Engaging young people at centre of communities' and 'Growing philanthropic and corporate support'.

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