In the “Statement of Intent 2007 – 2010

The following initiatives are planned for 2007/08.

Protecting New Zealand’s natural, historic and cultural heritage and contributing to national sustainability

  • Contributing to the design and implementation of new Government processes that will ensure protection of heritage values on Crown lands not within the conservation estate.
  • Implementing new tools to improve the targeting and effectiveness of ecosystem protection measures.
  • Commencing implementation of an integrated marine protected area programme.
  • Modelling sustainable practices, including through the implementation of Govt3 across the Department, and by developing plans to ensure the Department operates a carbon-neutral business by 2012.

Facilitating New Zealanders’ enjoyment of their natural and cultural heritage, and their involvement in its conservation

  • Developing recreational opportunities on public conservation land though the strategic action plan that responds to the Recreation Summit; and developing the strategic context for the Department’s contribution to outdoor recreation.
  • Initiating a long-term programme to ensure that New Zealanders will continue to be able to have family camping holidays.
  • Building a more effective communications system to improve connections between the Department and the public.
  • Developing new and enhanced partnerships with iwi in the management of heritage values on conservation and Maori land, as an outcome of Treaty settlement processes, under the umbrella of Nga Whenua Rahui, and in response to local opportunities.
  • Building new partnerships, particularly at a national level, with large organisations, to allow corporate entities and their employees to contribute to heritage-related programmes.

Building capability

  • Development of the medium-term planning system (SOI) to
    review the Department’s Outcomes and Intermediate Outcomes
    to ensure that its work effectively reflects and reinforces the Strategic Direction.
  • Taking into account the outcomes of the Cost of Outputs review process, undertaking steps to ensure that the limited resources available to the Department are optimally targeted in relation to the Strategic Direction.
  • A sustainable development programme will be progressed consistent with the Govt3 initiative and, at the end of 2008, the Department will have a plan for being a carbon-neutral business by 2012.
  • The emphasis on people capability will be the development of future leaders, in both management and specialist roles.

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