In the “Annual Report for year ended 30 June 2013

The outcomes model links DOC's outcomes and intermediate outcomes to its vision. The model shows the strategic approaches and drivers that underpin DOC's work, as set out in Figure 1. (Appendix 3 lists DOC's departmental outputs.)

Outcome statement

New Zealanders gain environmental, social and economic benefits from healthy functioning ecosystems, from recreation opportunities and from living our history.

Five intermediate outcomes

DOC works towards this outcome statement through five intermediate outcomes that express the results it seeks to achieve through its interventions. The intermediate outcomes are:

  1. The diversity of our natural heritage is maintained and restored
  2. Our history is protected and brought to life
  3. More people participate in recreation
  4. More people engage with conservation and value its benefits
  5. Conservation gains from more business partnerships

See Figure 1. DOC's outcomes model

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