December 2007
This plan guides the Department of Conservation in the management of Arthur's Pass National Park.

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Arthur's Pass National Park Management Plan (PDF, 3000K)

Amendment to original plan

Formal amendments to the original plan were made in June 2012. These are attached in PDF format and should be read in conjunction with the original document.

Amendment to Arthur's Pass National Park Management Plan, June 2012 (PDF , 68K)

Changes include the use of mountain biking in the Poulter valley. See link below for a report considering the effects of mountain biking in the Poulter valley.


  • Preface
  • How to use this plan

Sections 1 - 5

1 - Introduction

1.1 Management planning
1.2 Legislative context

2 - The park, its features and heritage

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Ngāi Tahu values
2.3 Indigenous species, habitats, ecosystems and natural features
2.4 Historical and cultural heritage
2.5 Public benefit, use and enjoyment
2.6 Adjoining lands
2.7 The park in the regional and national context
2.8 Further information

3 - Management issues, resolving conflicts and indentification of places

3.1 Management issues
3.2 Resolving conflicts
3.3 Identification of places

4 - Combined park objectives

5 - Treaty of Waitangi

5.1 Introduction

Section 6

6 - Park objectives, policies and outcomes

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Preservation and heritage
6.3 Public benefit, use and enjoyment
6.4 Concessions and other uses objectives

Please note: In June 2012 parts of this section were amended. View the amendment to Arthur's Pass National Park Management Plan, June 2012 (PDF , 68K)

Section 7

7 - The Aickens to Bealey Spur / Cora Lynn Corridor

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Corridor objectives, policies and outcomes


Appendix A: The Arthur's Pass bylawas 1981
Appendix B: Protocols on the Department of Conservation's interaction with Ngāi Tahu
Appendix C: Taonga species




This Management Plan for Arthur’s Pass National Park has been reviewed in
accordance with the procedures set out in section 47 of the National Parks Act
1980. The plan is a statutory document and provides for the management of
the Park in accordance with the National Parks Act, the General Policy for
National Parks (2005) and the Canterbury Conservation Management
Strategy (2000). This is the second review of the original plan published in
accordance with the National Parks Act 1952 and it sets out the intentions for
managing the Park over the next ten years.

The Plan will be reviewed again within ten years from the date of approval,
but may be reviewed in whole or in part at any time as a result of changes in

This plan was approved by the New Zealand Conservation Authority on the
13th day of December 2007.

Kerry Marshall
New Zealand Conservation Authority

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Canterbury Conservancy Management Planning Series No.14


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