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White-tailed deer may be found in moderate numbers all over Stewart Island/Rakiura. Red deer are found in moderate numbers in the Northwest.

Stewart Island/Rakiura hunting blocks map.
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Stewart Island/Rakiura is located south of the South Island and is 20 minutes by plane from Invercargill or an hour by ferry from Bluff. The road network is limited to the Oban Township, so access to the rest of the Island is by boat, plane or walking.

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Stewart Island/Rakiura has a cool climate with few temperature extremes. In winter the average temperature is 10 C, in summer it is 16.5 C. Annual rainfall is not high near the coast (1600 mm rising to 3000 mm in the hills) but is distributed relatively evenly throughout the year with rain falling on 200- 250 days. Situated in the roaring forties persistent westerly winds prevail sometimes rising to gale force.

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