Learn about hunting deer and chamois in the Taipo.


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  • Deer - Red

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' – get it online or from a DOC office.

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. More information below or contact the relevant DOC office.

About this hunting block

General information

The Taipo is a popular area for hunters and trampers. The river passes through a gorge lower down but the access road by-passes this and joins the river on some large flats which extend several kilometres up the river.

There is private land below 7 Mile Creek and a grazing licence covers the river flats from the top of the first gorge to the bottom of the gorge below Mid-Taipo Hut.

The upper reaches of the valley are a mix of river terraces, small clearings and narrow sections but is quite accessible. The Taipo is a fairly small catchment with a few large side streams with a generally open river beds steep forested hillsides and tussock tops.

The upper valley is popular for hunting and is open all year round. It is also a popular tramping route.

Carry a PLB or radio. Mobile phone coverage is often poor and should not be relied on.

Stay safe when crossing rivers

If you plan to cross unbridged rivers, know how to cross safely and be prepared for if you cannot cross.

Do not cross if the river is flooded, you cannot find safe entry and exit points or are unsure it’s safe. Turn back or wait for the river to drop. If in doubt, stay out.

How to cross rivers safely


Access into the valley is from SH73. There is a sign posted but rough formed 4WD track 2 km east of the Taipo bridge. This 4WD track takes you to an area of river flats and eventually to 7 Mile Creek.

There is private land to be crossed before 7 Mile Creek and access permission is required. Beyond here there is a marked tramping track upstream to Mid Taipo and Julia huts. There are also marked tracks up Dunns Creek and to the Kellys Range. Access to Hunts Creek is via Kellys Creek from SH 73.


The landowner in the Valley is Robbie Graham, phone +64 27 437 2940.

There is no need to phone for access, but you must exercise care and consideration – people and domestic stock are present in the valley.


NZTopo50 BU20, BV20.


All conservation land areas are prohibited to dogs except where authorisation has been granted by DOC. People wishing to take a dog into this area should seek authorisation from the DOC office. To take dogs across private property you must get permission from the landowner.


There are several standard or basic DOC huts in the valley: 


Red deer can be found throughout the area at any time of the year however spring hunting on the grass flats and the Roar is most popular. 

Chamois are found mainly in the alpine areas in low numbers. Hares are found throughout. Possums are controlled by TBfree in the lower parts of the valley only. Feral pigs and goats are uncommon.


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