Check when Molesworth hunting blocks are available during the roar 2023 period before making an online booking request.

Completed possum control in Molesworth Recreation Reserve

An aerial and ground-based possum control operation using 1080 bait was completed on 24 October 2022. There may be toxic carcasses in the area. Toxic carcasses can take months to break down. There may also be leftover toxic bait in the area – green coloured pellets. 

Molesworth Recreation Reserve is open but do not take and eat animals in this area until the area is safe. This will be shown by removal of the warning signs and this alert.

The area in the pesticide summary map will also show as safe. Pesticide summary map.

1080 is deadly to dogs. How to keep dogs safe around 1080.

This operation is part of DOC's National Predator Control Programme to protect native species.

It was carried out by Vector Free Marlborough Limited, contracted by OSPRI to help control the risk of bovine tuberculosis in domestic stock. About the Molesworth Station tuberculosis response: OSPRI website.

Check what remaining Molesworth hunting blocks are available during the roar 2023 period before making a request to the Wairau / Renwick Office.

For booking enquiries, email Subject line: Roar enquiries.

Updated: 16 December 2022

This information is an indication of availability only. Bookings are only confirmed once all details have been received. 

B Booked

Roar periods:

  • Period 1: Wednesday 8 – Tuesday 14 March 2023
  • Period 2: Wednesday 15 – Tuesday 21 March 2023
  • Period 3: Wednesday 22 – Tuesday 28 March 2023
  • Period 4: Wednesday 29 – Tuesday 4 April 2023
  • Period 5: Wednesday 5 – Monday 10 April  2023, 7 pm
Availability for roar 2023

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5


8 - 14 March

15 - 21 March

22 - 28 March

29 March - 4 April

5 - 10 April

Clarence Faces *  B B B B B
Dog Stream B B B B B
Lizard *  B B B B B
Long Gully B B B B B
Makuratawhai B B B B B
Tweed * B B B B B
Bottom Acheron B B B B B
Chimney  B B B B B
Five Mile  B B B B B
McGuires B B B B B
Pig Trough B B B B B
Sawnee B B B B B
Upper Acheron B B B B B
Yarra B B B B B
Bullen * B B B B B
Bullock Gully  B B B B B
Dillon B B B B B
Half Moon B B B B B
Elliot * B B B B B
Lake McRae B B B B B
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