Check when Molesworth hunting blocks are available during the roar 2023 period before making an online booking request.

Possum control for Molesworth Recreation Reserve Acheron East hunting area

A 1080 possum control operation using aerial and ground method for Molesworth was completed 24 October 2022. This is to control the risk of bovine tuberculosis spreading in domestic stock.

The operation covers 62,500 hectares. It was carried out by Vector Free Marlborough Limited (VFML), contracted by OSPRI for the TBfree programme.

Poison warning signs are in place until they are safe to remove.

Hunting: There is a 'No taking of meat' notice for 4 to 9 months following the operation. This is subject to bait breakdown monitoring. It is the responsibility of individual hunters to abide by Ministry of Health guidelines if they choose to hunt during this period.

For further information about the operation contact VFML on 0508 548 008 or email and see:

Further information about predator control operations: 

Check what remaining Molesworth hunting blocks are available during the roar 2023 period before making a request to the Wairau / Renwick Office.

For booking enquiries, email Subject line: Roar enquiries.

Updated: 18 October 2022

This information is an indication of availability only. Bookings are only confirmed once all details have been received. 

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Roar periods:

  • Period 1: Wednesday 8 – Tuesday 14 March 2023
  • Period 2: Wednesday 15 – Tuesday 21 March 2023
  • Period 3: Wednesday 22 – Tuesday 28 March 2023
  • Period 4: Wednesday 29 – Tuesday 4 April 2023
  • Period 5: Wednesday 5 – Monday 10 April  2023, 7 pm
Availability for roar 2023

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5


8 - 14 March

15 - 21 March

22 - 28 March

29 March - 4 April

5 - 10 April

Clarence Faces *  B B B B B
Dog Stream B B B B B
Lizard *  B B B B B
Long Gully B B B B B
Makuratawhai B B B B B
Tweed * B B B B B
Bottom Acheron B B B B B
Chimney  B B B B B
Five Mile  B B B B B
McGuires B B B B B
Pig Trough B B B B B
Sawnee B B B B B
Upper Acheron B B B B B
Yarra B B B B B
Bullen * B B B B B
Bullock Gully  B B B B B
Dillon B B B B B
Half Moon B B B B B
Elliot * B B B B B
Lake McRae B B B B B
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