Snorkelling at Taputeranga Marine Reserve
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Taputeranga Marine Reserve is only 6 km from Wellington’s city centre. It's very accessible and offers snorkelling, diving and walking opportunities.

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There are boat launching ramps within the reserve at Island Bay and Owhiro Bay. Care should be taken to avoid damaging marine life by dragging anchors. 

Wellington's south coast has changeable weather and strong currents. Sea conditions can quickly become treacherous. The eastern and western boundaries of the reserve are marked by large, bright yellow triangular signs (transit beacons) on shore. Navigational aids like a compass, chart, or GPS are required to determine the outer boundaries as they are not marked by buoys.

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Divers and snorkellers should explore reefs extending into Cook Strait. The calmer waters encourage forests of kelp, where the big-belly seahorse finds shelter.

The Island Bay Snorkel Trail is an ideal place to investigate the marine life in the reserve. It's conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from the last Island Bay bus stop. Divers can explore the wreck of the RNZN F69 Wellington frigate, which was scuttled in 2005 east of Taputeranga Island.

View a map of the Island Bay Snorkel Trail (JPG, 29K)

Protect our marine reserves
  • No fishing of any kind.
  • Don't take or kill marine life.
  • Don't remove or disturb any marine life or materials.
  • Don't feed fish - it disturbs their natural behaviour.
  • Take care when anchoring to avoid damaging the sea floor.


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