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Raetea is a mountainous region of native bush located south of Kaitaia featuring huge towering trees and clear rocky bottom streams.

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Find things to do and places to stay Raetea Forest and Mangamuka Gorge Scenic Reserve

About this place

Nature and conservation

Raetea Forest

Raetea Forest is covered in kauri and towai forest – habitat for many native birds and animals. Large emergent kauri trees are common. Kauri form a high canopy and you can readily see and hear bird species such as kūkupa (New Zealand pigeon). 

The streams in the forest are home to native fish such as giant bullies and the threatened short-jawed kokopu.

Mangamuka Scenic Reserve

Mangamuka Scenic Reserve consists of a large forested area (2944 ha).

It is home to a wide variety of birds and animals, many of which are regionally and nationally threatened. It is an important site for the long-term maintenance of North Island brown kiwi and kūkupa (New Zealand pigeon) populations. It is also one of the few sites where the threatened freshwater fish, the short-jawed kokopu, has been recorded.

Mangamuka also contains one of the highest quality waterways left in Northland, the Mangamuka stream.

The rolling hill slopes covered in towai forest and manuka/kanuka shrubland form part of a remnant forest that links locally to Mangataipa Scenic Reserve and Raetea Forest.

As development and deforestation continue to diminish forest habitats like this, pristine areas such as Mangamuka become more and more important for the survival of our native species.

Getting there

Raetea is situated in the Far North of the North Island, located just south of Kaitaia. From Kaitaia follow SH1 south until you reach the Mangamuka Gorge, Raetea Forest.


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