Tarawera Outlet

Image: Nicole Portner Photography | Creative Commons


This area was extensively altered by the 1886 Tarawera eruption and the landscape is being slowly regenerated by native plant species.

Track overview

6 km one way

Walking and tramping

3 hr Advanced: Tramping track

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


The track begins at the Tarawera Outlet swingbridge. Cross the bridge and take the left hand track at the junction. The track passes a jetty a short distance from the Outlet and progresses westward.

Views of the lake become less frequent as the track climbs inland. The track descends into Humphries Bay - a pleasant picnic and overnight camping area.

Facilities: Camping facilities and toilets are provided at Tarawera Outlet and Humphries Bay

Other options

Trampers can then take the Eastern Okataina Walkway northwards to access Otangimoana Bay on Lake Okataina (approximately 20 minutes one way) or onwards to complete the Walkway at the Okataina carpark (Tauranganui Bay - a further 2 hours 40 minutes walk).

Getting there

Access to Tarawera Outlet is from Kawerau township (off SH30 between Rotorua and Whakatane) via private forestry roads which require permits. A map and directions are avaliable at the Kawerau Information Centre. The forest gate is closed during the hours of darkness. The forest road may be closed in summer when fire risk is high.

Access permits

Permits to the Tarawera Falls and Tarawera Outlet cost $10 per vehicle from 1 August 2018.

Permits will be issued from:

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5 pm

Maori Investments Limited
Address: Waterhouse Street Extension, Kawerau
Email: info@maoriinvestments.co.nz
Website: Māori Investments Limited

Weekends and public holidays

Order online in advance: Māori Investments Limited

Or from:

Kawerau i-SITE Visitor Information Centre
Plunket Street, Kawerau 3127
Phone: +64 7 323 6300
Email: infocentre@kaweraudc.govt.nz
Opening hours for Kawerau i-SITE Visitor Information Centre

Know before you go

You need to be well prepared when tramping on conservation land, especially on longer day walks.  Ensure you have warm clothes, strong, comfortable boots, a good raincoat, first aid kit, food and drink, a hat and sunscreen.  It is also advisable to leave your tramping intentions with a responsible person, in case you get lost.


Rotorua i-SITE Visitor Information Centre
Phone:   +64 7 351 7324
Fax:   +64 4 471 1117
Email:   rotoruavisitor@doc.govt.nz
Address:   1167 Fenton St
Postal Address:   Private Bag 3007
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