Operators of all commercial vessels 'plying for hire' in the Hauraki Gulf need to obtain permission to use any wharf administered by DOC.

Check Auckland alerts for closures and other notices before visiting or applying for permits.

Wharves available for commercial vessels to use are:

  • Rangitoto
  • Islington Bay (Rangitoto Island)
  • Home Bay (Motutapu Island)
  • Motuihe
  • Mansion House Bay (Kawau Island)
  • Tiritiri Matangi

Permit cost

Use of these wharves is controlled under Section 33W of the Maritime Transport Act 1994. The fees collected from licences and permits issued go towards the cost of providing these wharves.

One-off wharf use permit

A fee for a one-off use of any wharf, taken as including a drop off and subsequent pick up within 24 hours, is $50 + GST.

Longer term wharf licence

If you intend to use any one wharf more than 5 times a year, you will be expected to apply for a longer term licence. Fees for longer term licences are calculated for each wharf, and take into account the costs that must be met for each wharf as well as the amount of licenced use.

For an indication of costs for a longer term wharf licence please contact the Auckland District Office.

Pest-free Warrant

Many of the islands with wharves available for commercial use are pest free eg. Rangitoto, Motutapu, Motuihe/Te Motu-a-Ihenga and Tiritiri Matangi.

These islands are often places of refuge for threatened species or species now extinct on the mainland. They need protection from pests that are on the mainland as introduced pests are one of the greatest threats to the ecological values of the islands.

Motuihe wharf.
Motuihe wharf

To help protect the pest free islands of the Hauraki Gulf, DOC and the Auckland Council have set up a biosecurity warrant system for commercial vessel operators, known as the Pest-free Warrant.

The Pest-free Warrant system ensures that biosecurity standards for visitors to pest-free islands are being adhered to.

Applying for a permit

One-off wharf use permit

If you are interested in applying for a permit, you should email your local DOC Office as early as possible, providing them with the following information:

  • which wharf you intend to use
  • date of intended use.

Longer term wharf licence

If you are interested in applying for a longer term wharf licence contact the Auckland Office.

Application form

Application form for longer term wharf licence PDF (24K) or Word (24K).


Auckland Permissions Team

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