There are many great places managed by DOC in the Hauraki Gulf to hold events such as weddings, club functions or family events.

Check Auckland alerts for closures and other notices before visiting or applying for permits.

Permit costs

Application fee of $100 + GST ($115 GST inclusive) – this is not included in the site fee.

  • Site fee with no marquee – $150 + GST ($172.50 GST inclusive), or
  • Site fee if you want to set up a marquee – $300 + GST ($345 GST inclusive) – marquee not included.

There may also be additional costs for specific sites, and if you need DOC staff assistance to set up your event.

If your application is not successful you'll not be refunded the application fee.

Events that require a permit

Events that need a permit include:

  • weddings
  • club functions
  • company Christmas parties
  • school events or non-profit community events.

These events need a permit from DOC if they're held on a reserve which is part of the former Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park.

If you're wanting to conduct business activities you'd need a concession from DOC. 

How to get a concession from DOC.

Events that do not need a permit

You do not need a permit for:

  • family gatherings, or
  • recreational activities such as an informal group of people going for a walk together.

Where you need a permit

The most popular reserves are:

  • Rangitoto Island
  • Motutapu Island
  • Motuihe Island
  • Kawau Island
  • Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve.

You can find a full list of reserves for this permit in the former Hauraki Gulf Maritime park bylaws.

Apply for a permit

1. Contact DOC

Contact the DOC Auckland Permissions Team to check if your event needs a permit.

Auckland Permissions Team contact details:


2. Complete and send in the application form

Complete the application form and send it by email.

Application form:

Include your name and type of application in the subject line.


3. We'll contact you to arrange payment

After you apply we'll contact you to arrange payment within 3 working days.

You can pay by online banking. 

We'll provide the exact payment details when you apply.

4. After you pay

We'll process your application within 10 working days. We'll send your permit to you by email.

Why you need a permit

You need a permit because of the Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park and the Bay of Islands Maritime and Historic Park bylaws.

The bylaws only apply to reserves within the former Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park and any other reserve added to the park before it was abolished.


Auckland Permissions Team

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