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The Acheron Road through Molesworth Station will open to the public from the Awatere Valley end in Marlborough at Labour Weekend.

Date:  17 October 2017

The road is currently temporarily closed at its Hanmer Springs end due to flood-damage to the road approach to the Clarence River bridge.

Clarence Bridge flood damage.
Clarence Bridge flood damage
Image: James Gilmour | DOC

Department of Conservation ranger Chris Wootton says DOC hopes repair work on the bridge will be completed within the next couple of months to then enable people to make the full road trip through Molesworth.

“People can still drive or mountain bike in and out of Molesworth Station on the Acheron Road at the Awatere Valley end and go as far as the historic Acheron Accommodation House.

“The campsites at Acheron Accommodation House and Molesworth Cob Cottage will be open. DOC rangers and volunteer camp hosts will be on-site to give advice and information to people visiting Molesworth.”

Rafters and other users of the Clarence River can still access the river from Hanmer Springs.

People planning to make the Molesworth road journey should search Acheron Road on the DOC website to get up to date road information, including to find out when access has reopened at the Hanmer Springs end.

The Acheron Road through the vast high country station opens annually to the public between Labour Weekend and April, weather conditions and fire risk permitting. The road is due to close at 7 pm on Sunday 8 April next year. 

Acheron Road is narrow and unsealed and requires careful driving. Drivers should check that their vehicles have plenty of fuel for the trip. Caravans, trailers or vehicles over seven metres long are not permitted on the road. The road is open between 7 am and 7 pm daily during its open period. 


Chris Wootton, DOC South Marlborough Ranger
Mobile: +64 27 422 5823

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