The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has advised on a seven-day caution period for eating trout caught after 1080 operations.

DOC asked MPI to assess this risk and advise on a caution period for anglers to ensure food safety. MPI is New Zealand’s food safety authority.

MPI advises anglers to avoid eating trout from waterways within 1080 pest control operation areas for a week after the application of 1080 has occurred. 

MPI’s advice is based on their latest risk assessment of a scenario where trout eat 1080 baits that may have fallen into a waterway.

While the chance of this occurring is considered minimal, MPI advises waiting seven days after a 1080 operation to mitigate any food safety concerns to trout consumers. 

Advice for anglers - risk assessment of trout eating 1080 bait directly 2016 

Risk assessment for trout eating poisoned mice

MPI also undertook a risk assessment in 2014 based on a scenario where trout consume large quantities of mice poisoned by 1080. In that assessment MPI concluded that the trout did not pose a food safety risk.  

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