The Ōtuwharekai wetlands were bought into schools across with these LEARNZ virtual field trips. Watch a selection of videos that were filmed at Ōtuwharekai.

Filming for the LEARNZ 2010 fieldtrip.
Filming for a LEARNZ 2010 fieldtrip

How do you showcase a wetland project in the wop-wops to school children learning about the importance of wetlands? Get them on a virtual field trip of course!

Ōtuwharekai wetlands' isolation, rugged terrain and high country weather make it hard for schools, particularly primary, to visit. Yet through LEARNZ, several thousand students from throughout New Zealand have 'visited' them. 

Field trips are facilitated by a LEARNZ field trip teacher (Paul Millican) and hosted by guest ‘experts’ - in our case DOC rangers.

Watch the videos

Below are a selection of the videos produced by LEARNZ and DOC at Ōtuwharekai.

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