Get a team together with gloves and rubbish sacks to see how much rubbish you can remove.

We need your help!

Whether you're near the beach, mountains, countryside or city park, it's likely there's a place near you that's in need of a clean-up.

A few tips to a successful clean-up

Before the clean-up:

A banded dotterel resting near the shore.
A banded dotterel resting near the shore

  • Check the tides if heading to the beach - low tide is much safer than high tide for picking up rubbish
  • Pack water and snacks 
  • Pack hand washing supplies - soap, bucket, antibacterial lotion
  • Take protective gloves
  • Wear boots or closed-toed shoes
  • Put sunscreen on - even on cloudy days
  • Wear a hat

During the clean-up:

  • Always stay in teams of two or more - with a friend, parent or guardian
  • Use sacks or recyclable rubbish bags for rubbish
  • Avoid sewage, needles and broken glass - show an adult these straight away
  • Stay out of dunes and try not to disturb wildlife

After the clean-up:

  • Try sorting the rubbish into recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste either as you go or after the collection
  • Drop rubbish off at a recycling centre or take it home with you to go out with the household rubbish
  • If you used sacks, wash them and hang them out to dry—you can use these again for the next clean-up!
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