Science and technical series that have now been discontinued.

Although these series have now been discontinued, many titles are available for download, and some individual issues remain in print (check our online catalogue for availability).

Conservation Advisory Science Notes

This series was merged with DOC Science Internal Series in 2001.
ISSN: 1171-9834
Browse archive of Conservation Advisory Science Notes

Conservation Sciences Publication

This series was discontinued in 1997.
ISSN: 0113-3691
Browse archive of Conservation Sciences Publication

DOC Science Internal Series

In early 2005 this series was re-named DOC Research & Development Series to reflect a reorganisation within DOC.
ISSN: 1175-6519
Browse archive of DOC Science Internal Series

Rare Bits

This newsletter was discontinued in 2004.
Browse archive of Rare Bits

Science & Research Internal Reports

This series was discontinued in 2002.
ISSN: 0114-2798
Browse archive of Science & Research Internal Reports

Science & Research Series

This series was merged with Science for Conservation in 1997.
ISSN: 0113-3713
Browse archive of Science & Research Series

Threatened Species Occasional Publications

This series was published by the Biodiversity Recovery Unit (now defunct).
ISSN 1170-3709
Browse archive of Threatened Species Occasional Publications

Science posters

Science posters produced since 2011 are listed on this website with the topic. 

Browse archive of science posters 2010 and earlier. These posters were usually presented at conferences by DOC staff. 

Science factsheets

Browse archive of science factsheets 2011 and earlier


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