Read a report about the re-establishment of a fluttering shearwater colony on Mana Island, near Wellington.


The report summarises the translocation of 225 fluttering shearwater chicks by Friends of Mana Island and the Department of Conservation, to re-establish a colony of fluttering shearwater on Mana Island, off the west coast of the lower North Island of New Zealand.  It describes the selection of chicks, transfer methods, and hand-feeding protocols, and presents emergent behaviour, fledging results and a summary of the success of the translocation. 

Publication information

Prepared by Helen Gummer, for Friends of Mana Island, and Lynn Adams, Wellington Hawke's Bay Conservancy, Department of Conservation

© Copyright 2010, New Zealand Department of Conservation

ISBN: 978-0-478-14739-1 (print)
ISBN: 978-0-478-14740-7 (web pdf)

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