Children from Egmont Village School release whio.
Image: Pat Murphy | ©


Taranaki Mounga is an ambitious conservation project transforming the mountain, ranges and islands of Taranaki. He Kawa Ora – back to life.



Taranaki Mounga incorporates the 34,000 ha of Egmont National Park encompassing Mount Taranaki, the Pouakai and Kaitake ranges and extends 3km to the protected Ngā Motu/Sugar Loaf Islands of New Plymouth.

The Project’s aim is to restore the ecological vitality of Taranaki Mounga. This restoration work is in partnership and collaboration with

  • iwi
  • the Taranaki community
  • local councils
  • government
  • the region’s private sector,
  • and philanthropists.

It's no longer a distant dream but becoming reality on Mounga to restore native bird species such as:

  • kākā
  • blue duck/whio
  • rifleman/tītitipounamu
  • North Island robin/toutouwai, and
  • kiwi.

This is being made possible by a multi-tool approach to restoring the biodiversity of Koro/Grandfather Taranaki.

The Project focusses on securing the Mounga against animal and weed pests. This work is helping transform the Mounga by strengthening existing threatened species populations. It also provides a safe haven to enable the reintroduction of lost species.

Building community support and commitment is important to the success of the project. Their participation will ensure the transformational changes as we all work toward a predator-free Taranaki.

Heheua te mangemange nui kia tupu whakaritorito te toi a te kawa ora – clear the obstruction to let well-being flourish.


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