Resolution Island
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Central Otago wine producer Peregrine Wines is working with us to support conservation in Dusky Sound.

Based in stunning Central Otago, Peregrine Wines is a family owned and operated winery committed to crafting premium wines that reflect their passion for the land.

Owners, the McLachlan family, are dedicated to the wine they produce and the land from where it comes. This is reflected in their hands-on approach to both organic winemaking and conservation. As an extension of this philosophy, Peregrine Wines actively contributes to the conservation of New Zealand's native flora and fauna through a partnership with DOC and an involvement in biodiversity programmes in Fiordland National Park.

Peregrine Wines conservation story

Resolution Island Trap Intensification Project

The first project in the partnership will see six new lines of Goodnature A24 self-resetting traps set in the north-east corner of Resolution Island, Dusky Sound. This will intensify the current island-wide network of almost 3000 DOC150 traps. The upgrade will create a highly efficient network of kill-traps with the potential to not only to remove the residual stoat population, but also intercept future stoat incursions from the mainland.

Resolution Island (c21,000), is New Zealand’s fifth largest island and has a critical role in the success of the Tamatea/Dusky Sound restoration project. It has no rats or possums, and stoats are maintained to very low numbers due to an ongoing and extensive trapping programme. This is one of the most ambitious pest control programmes in the world.

We will work with Peregrine Wines over the next few years to maintain stoats at very low, or undetectable levels. This could pave the way for highly stoat-sensitive species such as tīeke/saddleback and kākāpō to be returned to Resolution Island, as well as allowing current populations of mohua/yellowhead, kea, kiwi and rock wren to flourish.&

Achieving and maintaining a stoat-free status for Resolution Island would be a significant step toward realizing New Zealand’s Predator Free 2050 ambition.

Previous Fiordland conservation projects undertaken by Peregrine Wines include tieke/saddleback transfers to Chalky (2008) and Bauza (2010) Islands, and a mohua transfer to Resolution Island in 2011.

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