Kea in flight
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Kūmānu Environmental is working in partnership with DOC and the Kea Conservation Trust to support kea conservation in the Tasman region.


Kūmānu Environmental provides management of local conservation reserves, construction of major tracks and trails, biosecurity, native nursery and ecological advisory services.

Kūmānu’s landscape architecture services design public and private spaces that bring people and nature together in an environmentally sustainable way.

Working in partnership for kea

KCT remove lead in Canaan Downs.
Kea Conservation Trust volunteers remove lead from building.
Image: Andrea Goodman, Kea Conservation Trust

One of the threats to kea is lead poisoning from exposure to lead nails and flashings on buildings. Kūmānu Environmental's work with DOC and the Kea Conservation Trust focuses on the removal of lead from huts and buildings in the region.

Other areas of work include kea surveys, supporting the Kea Conservation Trust's Community Conflict Resolution programme and also supporting the Trust's general operational costs.

Kūmānu's CEO, Jane Sheard says, “Kῡmānu, which means ‘to nurture, care for and cherish,’ perfectly embodies the work that Nelmac and our conservation partners do to protect, restore and sustain New Zealand's precious nature.

We are proud to embark on the partnership with DOC and the Kea Conservation Trust to help increase awareness of and contribute to the urgent need to save the last 5,000 kea and restore their numbers."

Find out more and donate to the Kea Conservation Trust to support this work:

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