Find out which birds face the greatest risk of extinction.


The following birds have been classified as Nationally Critical, Nationally Endangered or Nationally Vulnerable according to the New Zealand Threat Classification System (NZTCS).

Nationally Critical

Most severely threatened, facing an immediate high risk of extinction:

Nationally Endangered

Facing high risk of extinction in the short term:

Nationally Vulnerable

Facing a risk of extinction in the medium term:

All birds

Find birds with other conservation statuses: 
Conservation status of New Zealand birds, 2016 (PDF, 601K). Hugh A. Robertson, Karen Baird, John E. Dowding, Graeme P. Elliott, Rodney A. Hitchmough, Colin M. Miskelly, Nikki McArthur, Colin F.J. O’Donnell, Paul M. Sagar, R. Paul Scofield; Graeme A. Taylor. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 19. 27 p.

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