Toka Bivvy.

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This is a basic two-bunk hut in the Manawatu region.

Hut overview


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  • Mattresses
2 bunk beds

About this hut

Toka Biv with tarn in foreground
Toka Biv is located in a small basin with several tarns

Toka Biv is a classic 2-man NZFS B-49 ‘dog-box’ biv.  

  • Water source - tarn
  • No toilet

Altitude:1320 meters

Toka Biv is located on the Ngamoko Range on an east facing spur overlooking the upper Pohangina Valley, north of Toka Trig.  The biv sits on the west side of a small basin with numerous tarns sheltered from the worst of the westerly winds.  The weather of the Ngamoko Range - reputedly some of the most hostile in the Ruahine ranges - makes Toka Biv a potential life saving shelter.

Maintenance status:

Due to the biv being rarely visited and off the beaten track, it is designated 'Minimal Maintenance'. If it falls into disrepair, it will be removed and not replaced. 

The last maintenance action by DOC staff was to re-pile and repaint the biv, an action that may see it survive some while longer. 

Current condition:

When inspected in May 2013, the floor and bottom plate were quite wet (reason unknown, but water may have blown in around the door). If the bottom plates stays damp, it will eventually rot thus compromising the safety and longevity of the biv. The hut door and rear window requires stripping and re-painting. A wire tie-down has severed and is not currently securing the biv against harsh winds.

Getting there

The most common access routes are either up the Knights or Shorts Track to the Ngamoko Range from Limestone Road End.  

The turn-off to Toka Biv is marked by three waratah fence posts on the high point of the Ngamoko Ridge, directly above the biv.  Head due east and follow the clear foot trail steeply off the ridge in the direction of the Pohangina River below.  The route has the occasional small cairn but no other markers; generally the foot trail is clear enough to follow.  The spur flattens and once the biv can be sighted below to the north, make your way down into the basin using the best possible route you can find. 


NZTopo50 map sheet: BL36
Grid/NZTM2000 coordinates: E1862298, N5569518 




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