Sea lions on Allans Beach

Image: Jim Fyfe | DOC


Walk 5 minutes from the carpark to Allans Beach and see sea lions and penguins.

Track overview

Walking and tramping

5 min Easiest: Short walk

Dog access

Dogs on a leash only

About this track


This wild ocean beach is 5 minutes walk from the Allans Beach Road carpark.

Special wildlife such as sea lions and penguins frequent this beach. Respect their needs by keeping at least 10 m away from sleeping sea lions, and 20 m from active animals. Do not linger on beaches where penguins may come ashore.

Getting there

From Dunedin the two main routes to Portobello are either Portobello Road or Highcliff Road.

From Portobello turn onto Allans Beach Road. The carpark is at the end of the road.

Know before you go

To protect wildlife, dogs are not allowed on the eastern end of the beach, but are allowed on a leash at the western end.

Swimming can be dangerous where there are strong winds and currents.

The nearest toilets are in Portobello.


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