Sandfly Bay
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Visit the only mainland albatross colony in the Southern hemisphere, or enjoy walks with spectacular coastal views and a chance to see wildlife.


Visit Taiaroa Head Nature Reserve  – the only mainland colony of albatross in the Southern Hermisphere.

Visit Sandfly Bay Recreation Reserve – remarkable for its native fauna and flora and its spectacular views of the Otago Peninsula coastline and cliff tops. It has a significant colony of yellow-eyed penguins/hoiho and seabirds such as spotted shags, sooty shearwaters and variable oystercatchers. New Zealand fur seals/kekeno and New Zealand sea lions/rāpoka haul out on the rocks and beach and wallow in the sand.

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  • Bird and wildlife watching
  • Mountain biking
  • Walking and tramping

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About track difficulties
About track difficulties

Bird and wildlife watching

Visit Taiaroa Head Nature Reserve to see the only mainland colony of albatross in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as other sea birds. Penguins and seals can also be seen at Taiaroa Head and on walks on the peninsula.

Visit Sandfly Bay Recreation Reserve – remarkable for its native fauna and flora. 

Kiwi Guardians programme

Take your family on a Kiwi Guardians adventure. Kiwi Guardians is a free, fun and easy way for 6-10 year olds to get to know this special place - grab a map, go and explore, and earn a reward! More about Kiwi Guardians

Kiwi Guardians is at Sandfly Bay.

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    Leave Dunedin on Highcliff Rd or Portobello Rd.


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