Get application forms to conduct activities on public conservation land and/or with native species.


Delays in processing

We currently have a backlog of applications. We're working hard to prioritise older and urgent applications. If you have any concerns contact

Follow the links below for the activity you would like to apply to do.


Activities involving marine mammals

Te Pēwhairangi (Bay of Islands) Marine Mammal Sanctuary

Te Pēwhairangi (Bay of Islands) Marine Mammal Sanctuary maritime event permit form (PDF, 392K) or (Word, 92K)

Marine reserve permits

Mining activities

Wildlife, research and collection activities

If you're not sure which research or wildlife authorisation you need, try our decision-making tool.

Wildlife Act Authority

Research or collection

Completing your application

To make sure the Department can effectively and efficiently process your application, make it as detailed as possible. If your application is incomplete it will be rejected.

Hunting and fishing

You can apply for an open area hunting permit online, or contact the local DOC office for a restricted area hunting permit, dog permit, small game or game bird hunting permit.

You can apply for a Taupō fishing licence online.

Reserve/park permits

You also need an entry permit to enter all nature reserves and scientific reserves. This includes:

For access to any other nature or scientific reserves contact the DOC office closest to the reserve.

Freshwater authorisations

Fish Passage Authorisations has information on how to apply for an exemption from the requirement to maintain a culvert or ford to allow fish passage, to construct a dam or diversion structure, or modify an existing fish facility.


You may need a permit to import or export endangered animal and plant species including parts and derivatives that are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

CITES permits.

Other application forms

Application for a permit to use specimen or parts of taoka species in Otago (PDF 69K) or (Word, 57K)


There are some areas where you require a permit to take your dog onto public conservation land. See dog access on conservation land for more information.


Apply for a fire permit with Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

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