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West Coast Conservation Management Strategy 2010


This CMS sets out the Department of Conservation’s proposed intentions for the integrated management of natural and physical resources located within the West Coast Tai Poutini region (see Map 1).

The West Coast CMS was approved in 2010 and remains operative unless formally reviewed in full or in part or amended.

Volume 1

Publication cover showing whitebaiting, Okuru Estuary. Photo: P Gerbeaux.
Publication cover showing whitebaiting, Okuru Estuary

Part 1: Introduction explains what a CMS is and how to use this CMS.

Part 2: Context describes where we are now, and provides the context for Parts 3 and 4.

Part 3: Management objectives and policies is organised by management themes that cover the entire West Coast Tai Poutini region. It focuses on conservation management objectives and policies, which are designed to achieve the desired outcomes described in Part 4.

Part 4: Desired outcomes outlines where we want to be, and presents the desired outcome pictures for (a) the entire West Coast Tai Poutini region, and (b) specific Places within the region. Each outcome picture describes the condition of the West Coast Tai Poutini region or a specific Place if the intent of this CMS is followed. It describes the conservation outcomes that the Department aims to achieve by implementing the objectives and policies identified in Part 3 of this CMS. The outcome pictures will be used to provide context and guidance for managers to make decisions about conservation management and and other activities in the West Coast Tai Poutini region.

Part 5: Monitoring - How we’ll know if we’re on track. It describes how the implementation of this CMS will be monitored.

Volume 2

Volume 2 is divided into three sections:

  • The first section contains statistical data on land units.
  • The second section contains an inventory of public conservation lands located within the West Coast Tai Poutini region. Individual land units have been numbered, named and quantified.
  • The third section contains a map index and 10 detailed 1:250 000 maps covering the the West Coast Tai Poutini region.

Publication information

Published by the Department of Conservation

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Volume 1

ISBN 978-0-478-14718-6 (Hardcopy)
ISBN 978-0-478-14720-9 (Web PDF)
ISBN 978-0-478-14719-3 (CD)
ISN 1178-184X (Print)
ISN 1178-1856 (Online)

Volume 2

ISBN : 978-0-478-14721-6 (Hardcopy)
ISBN 978-0-478-14723-0 (Web PDF)
ISBN  978-0-478-14722-3 (CD)
ISSN 0114-7348 

West Coast Tai Poutini Conservancy Management Planning Series No. 10


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