You can hunt fallow deer and feral pigs in the Blue Mountains Recreational Hunting Area. The area has been divided into 23 hunting blocks which are balloted monthly from February through to the end of November.


  • Deer - Fallow
  • Pigs

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by a 'restricted area permit'. Contact the DOC office managing the hunting area.

Seasonal restrictions

Closed for hunting over December and January.

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. Contact the relevant DOC office to obtain a permit.

About this hunting block

The Blue Mountains Forest Conservation Area is gazetted as a Recreational Hunting Area (RHA). The area has been divided into 22 hunting blocks which are balloted monthly from February through to the end of November. The area is then closed for hunting over December and January.

Applications for the ballot close on the first of the month prior to the month applied for. Permits are issued for a maximum of 3 days during the week, or weekends only. Only one application per person/party will be accepted.  

All permits issued for the Blue Mountains must be returned with the hunting returns section completed. Hunters who fail to provide hunting returns may not be issued with future hunting permits. 


The RHA is dominated by silver beech forest with large open tussock tops to the west.  The bush in the northern area is much shorter and denser. The RHA is surrounded by exotic forest plantations to the east and northwest and by farmland to the southwest. 


From Hill Jacks Road end on foot to hunting blocks – Cattle Flat, Rankleburn, Smithys Spur, Brandy Gully and Whiskey Gully. All other access is via Ernslaw One Ltd.  Forestry access is via combination lock through certain gates, details are provided on a map which is issued with the permit.  From either SH1 or SH90, the Blue Mountains are accessed from forestry roads leading off Rankleburn Road.

Note: due to constant vandalism and security issues Ernslaw One may restrict access to foot traffic only. To reduce the risk of this happening use only the gates specified and report any suspicious behaviour to Ernslaw One or DOC.


Ernslaw One Ltd: +64 3 204 8061
Ernslaw One manage the exotic forest plantations and run their own balloted hunting blocks in that area. Permission to hunt within the exotic forest plantations must be sought from them.

David Edgar
Contact David for access to Brandy Gully, a phone number will be provided on the bottom of the Brandy Gully permits.

Application form

Download the Blue Mountains RHA ballot application form (PDF, 96K) or (Word, 44K)

To apply for the ballot, you will need to complete an application form and either post, email or drop it off to the Invercargill office.

  • If you post your application you will need to include credit card or debit card details for payment.
  • If you email your application you will need to phone the Invercargill Office to pay, we can not accept credit card or debit card details via email.
  • Alternatively, you call into the Invercargill Office and pay by credit card, debit card, EFTPOS, or cash over the counter. 

Special conditions

When applying for a mid-week hunting permit you are acknowledging that obtaining vehicular access to the hunting block via the forestry roads is your responsibility. It is recommended that you arrange this access prior to applying for a permit by emailing

On being issued with a permit you consent to your name and hunting block details being shared with a third party solely to confirm eligibility for access via the forestry roads.

No refund of permit fees will be given in the event of access not being prior obtained.


NZTopo50 maps - CE13, CE14, CF13, CF14

A selection of Topo50 maps which cover the Southland region are available to purchase from the DOC Murihiku Office. 

If you require a map that is not supplied at the Murihiku Office, you can download maps or check out a list of other retailers on the Land Information New Zealand website.

Block maps

Block Map - Armstrong (PDF, 1577K)
Block Map - Back Stream (PDF, 1548K)
Block Map - Black Gully (PDF, 1469K)
Block Map - Blackcleugh (PDF, 1577K)
Block Map - Brandy (PDF, 1467K)
Block Map - Brooksdale (PDF, 1455K)
Block Map - Carsons (PDF, 1671K)
Block Map - Cattle Flat (PDF, 1557K)
Block Map - Chris's (PDF, 1667K)
Block Map - Clarks (PDF, 1536K)
Block Map - Dish (PDF, 1739K)
Block Map - Dunn Creek (PDF, 1515K)
Block Map - Garden Gully(PDF, 1509K)
Block Map - Glenburnie (PDF, 1480K)
Block Map - Gorge Creek (PDF, 1546K)
Block Map - Long Gully (PDF, 1741K)
Block Map - Myles (PDF, 1635K)
Block Map - Packers (PDF, 1651K)
Block Map - Rankleburn (PDF, 1560K)
Block Map - Smithys Spur (PDF, 1521K)
Block Map - Tramway (PDF, 1656K)
Block Map - Westwood (PDF, 1557K)
Block Map - Whisky (PDF, 1460K)

Block GPS file

This .gpx file is compatible with most GPS handheld units.

Blue Mountains - RHA Blocks (GPX, 1016K)

Animals present

Fallow deer - high numbers
Pigs - moderate numbers


  • Dogs must be registered and are not allowed on conservation land without a permit.
  • When crossing private land, dogs are to be on a leash until well into the forest and they must be kept under control at all times. 
  • DOC must be notified regarding missing or lost dogs on conservation land.


There are no DOC huts available.


Murihiku / Invercargill Office
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Fax:   +64 4 471 1117
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