Find out where you can and can't free camp on conservation land.

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Freedom camping is permitted on public conservation land – with exceptions

You cannot freedom camp in areas where it's expressly prohibited.

Conservation areas where freedom camping is prohibited or restricted.

Expressly prohibited areas are normally near roads where:

  • there has been a history of problems caused by inappropriate freedom camping, or
  • there is a conservation management reason that warrants restricting camping. For example, ensuring equitable access to a site or where sensitive native species are present.

Freedom camping in a prohibited or restricted area can result in a $200 infringement fee.

Freedom camping restriction signs

Signs will be displayed if freedom camping is prohibited or restricted in an area.

Freedom camping overnight is prohibited at sites displaying no camping signs, including this sign:

Freedom camping is prohibited within 200 m of this sign.

Freedom camping overnight is allowed for vehicles that have been certified as self contained (see Caravan Self Containment Certification), at sites displaying this sign:

Sign for camping with self contained vehicles only.

Depositing waste

Be responsible with your waste wherever you camp. Carry in, carry out. Leave no trace.

Non compliance can result in a $200 infringement fee or a maximum $10,000 fine if prosecuted.

More information

Visitor Centres and local DOC offices will have more information on freedom camping in their area.

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