This is a serviced 20-bunk hut in the Wairarapa region that you can access via the Mt Reeves Track/Centre of New Zealand Walk.

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Bookings not required - first come, first served


  • Heating
  • Mattresses
  • Toilets - non-flush
  • Water from tap - not treated, boil before use
20 bunk beds

About this hut

Getting there

Tutuwai is a popular hut on the Holdsworth - Kaitoke Track and can be reached from either Waiohine or Marchant Roads.

Approximate times from nearest roads and hut
  • Marchant Road end: 4 hr 30 min
  • Waiohine Valley Road end via Mt Reeves Track/Centre of New Zealand Walk: 4 hr. Public walking access from Waiohine Valley road end to Mt Reeves Track must follow the true right bank of the Waiohine River to bypass the driveway and yarding area of the Stout-owned property. There is currently no legal access from Waiohine Valley road end to the Mt Reeves Track.
  • Cone Hut: 1 hr


NZTopo50 map sheet: BP33
Grid/NZTM2000 coordinates: E1795505, N5457535


  • Adult (18+ years): $15 per night
  • Youth (11 - 17 years): $7.50 per night
  • Child/Infant: (0 - 10 years): free

Before you go, buy 1 Serviced Hut Ticket (green for adults, orange for youth) or 3 Standard Hut Tickets (blue for adults, yellow for youth) for each night's stay. Put these in the honesty box at the hut. Or buy a Backcountry Hut Pass for unlimited use at most Serviced and Standard huts for a 6 or 12 month period.

Read more about hut tickets and passes  | Find retailers that sell hut tickets


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