View from Butcher track, Catchpool valley.
Image: Yang Gan | DOC



Catchpool Valley is the most popular entrance to Remutaka Forest Park. It includes Ōrongorongo Valley and its booked huts with walks for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Picnic areas – both open and secluded spots along Catchpool Road. 
  • Campground with toilets, showers, and gas barbecues. 
  • Catchpool Centre which is bookable, has toilets, and a 24-hour emergency telephone.


Find things to do and places to stay Catchpool Valley & Ōrongorongo Valley

Access to the Cattle Ridge road and Mid Slope road is now available during normal park opening hours.

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm daily

  • For a guide to open tracks refer to yellow highlighted route/s on the map.
  • Horse riding is not permitted anywhere else in the Park.
Follow health and safety rules and guidelines
  • It is recommended that high visibility clothing is worn at all times while in the area.
  • Be aware, as walkers, vehicles, mountain bikers and other users may be on the logging roads at the same time as you.

Tracks marked in yellow are open for horse and mountain bike riding.

Catchpool horse riding map.


Wellington/Kapiti information
Phone:   +64 3 546 9339
About:   Whakatū/Nelson Visitor Centre provides visitor information for this area
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