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Snowdon Forest
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Snowdon Forest is a picturesque area with open, grassed valleys. It offers a variety of year round recreational opportunities suitable for family groups, trampers, fishermen and hunters.


Bog Pine Paddock was a location for Fangorn Forest - see Lord of the Rings filming locations.

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  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Walking and tramping
  • Check clean dry
    Stop the spread of didymo and other freshwater pests.

    Remember to Check, Clean, Dry all items before entering, and when moving between, waterways.

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The Mararoa, Whitestone and Upukerora Rivers offer good fishing for brown and rainbow trout. The Upukerora is fly fishing only. A current fishing licence is required and anglers must comply with its regulations. Ask owners before crossing private land and avoid disturbing stock.

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    About this place

    Getting there

    Snowdon Forest is flanked to the west by SH94, running along side Lake Te Anau toward Te Anau Downs and Milford Sound. The township of Mossburn lies to the south, and Mavora Lakes Park and the Livingstone Mountain are to the east.

    Access to parts of Snowdon Forest is across private land, so permission must be obtained from adjoining landowners beforehand. Otherwise, use legal roads or riverside marginal strips. Most marginal strips are suitable only for walking access. Respect private property, taking care not to litter, and close all gates.

    Contact details for access

    Te Anau Downs Station - Phone +64 3 249 7652 
    The land area to the east of the Te Anau Downs/Eglinton Rivermouth Road is private property and to hunt this area permission is required. Permission for access will depend on the time of year, farming operations and recreational activity by the people requesting access.

    Takaro Lodge 
    Access through to Upukerora Valley via the 4WD track is currently closed.

    Glen Echo Station - Phone +64 3 249 9242 
    Permission must be sought to cross freehold land between the marginal strip and Snowdon Forest. Walking times from the road access bridge to the legal access point into Snowdon Forest following the marginal strip is 3.5 to 4 hours. Vehicle access along the marginal strip beside the Whitestone River is not possible without crossing private land.

    Mararoa Downs - Phone +64 3 249 8095 
    Permission to cross Mararoa Downs to gain access to Snowdon Forest must be obtained. Landcorp Properties Access through any Landcorp land must have the permission of the farm manager as listed below:

    Dale Farm - Phone +64 3 249 7281 
    Phone for permission to cross this farm to gain access to the Upukerora River after first obtaining permission to enter Takaro Lodge property.

    Eweburn Farm - Ph: +64 3 249 7543 Phone for permission to cross this farm to gain access to the Upukerora River after first obtaining permission to enter Takaro Lodge property.

    Haycocks Farm - Phone +64 3 249 8055 
    Fishing access to the Mararoa River is available through this farm at marked points along the Centre Hill/Mavora Road. This is walking access only.

    Know before you go

    Plan properly for your trip and ensure your group has a capable, experienced leader. Fiordland’s weather changes rapidly and it can become wet and cold very suddenlyand at any time of the year. Before departing, check out current track and weather conditions at the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre in Te Anau.

    It is strongly recommended that you carry a Personal Locator Beacon and/or Mountain Radio.

    Topographical maps covering Snowdon Forest are recommended for navigation. Topo50 Maps CC08 – Welcome Point, CC09 – North Mavora Lake, CD08 – TeAnau and CD09 – South Mavora Lake are available for purchase from the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre.

    Hunting dogs are permitted in the forest from December to August but are not permitted from September to November, due to lambing and calving season on adjoining land. All dogs are to be caged or secured until off private land.

    Avoid disturbing stock at all times. Advise neighbouring landowners if you are undertaking possum control in the forest. A permit must be obtained from the DOC office in Te Anau.

    The tracks in Snowdon Forest are used infrequently; many are marked routes only.

    A permit is required to light a fire in some areas of Snowdon Forest - see Southern Rural Fire district. Note that permits can take up to 10 working days to be issued.


    Te Rua-o-te-moko / Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre
    Phone:   +64 3 249 7924
    Address:   Fiordland National Park
    Visitor Centre
    Lakefront Drive
    Te Anau 9600
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