The landing site at Fishing Rock, Raoul Island
Image: DOC


If you have a query about permits for the Kermadec Islands, you find answers to our frequently asked questions here.

What is the process to gain an entry permit to Raoul Island?

The DOC website lists the permitting process for land and water access, but if you need more information, contact the Raoul Team to arrange a pre-application discussion.

Where do I submit a completed application?

You can send your completed Entry Permit application to Remember to:

  • Submit evidence your vessel’s hull is clean using forms 1 and 2 from of the Regional Coastal Plan: Kermadec and Subantarctic Islands (completed by an approved inspector).
  • Provide evidence of an exemption from New Zealand Customs if you will continue your trip from the Kermadec Island’s onto another country.

What does the biosecurity procedure involve?

Once you download and fill in the biosecurity checklist (Word, 369K), you will need to arrange a time with DOC’s Whangarei Office to:

  • quarantine items you plan to take to Raoul Island
  • arranging a time 24 hrs before your departure for a Conservation Dog to inspect your vessel

We will seal your items for you, and you cannot open them until you have landed on Raoul. If your vessel passes inspection, DOC will then issue your entry permit.

On leaving Raoul Island you will also need to follow a myrtle rust decontamination procedure:

Why does it cost to visit Raoul Island?

Raoul Island is a predator free nature reserve and everyone that enters needs to meet biosecurity requirements. These requirements are far greater than those of mainland reserves and therefore there are associated fees.

You can see a breakdown of estimated fees in Schedule 3 of the Entry Permit Application form (Word, 81K).

Can I stay overnight on Raoul?

There is no accommodation available for visitors to the island and camping is not permitted. For safety reasons, you must also arrive and leave the island during daylight hours.

What is an Activity Permit, and do I need one?

An Activity Permit is separate from an Entry Permit and must be held for those wanting to undertake research, flying a drone, commercial filming, or commercial guiding.

You will need to have this permit granted first before you apply for an entry permit. See our Activity Permits page for more information.

What can I take to the island?

Because visits are limited to day trips only, we suggest you pack light to reduce items that require quarantining and to make your landing on the island safe and easy. You will be allowed to bring:

  • footwear
  • clothing
  • camera (and case)
  • food (but no cucumber, sprouts, tomatoes or homegrown fruit and veg)

Before you depart mainland New Zealand, your gear will need to be checked at the DOC Quarantine Store in Whangarei. There is a biosecurity checklist detailing what items you can and can’t take to Raoul Island and a video explaining the quarantine procedure:

When can I visit the island?

You can apply for an Entry Permit to Raoul Island for most of the year, however, permits DOC will not issue permits for visits during weekends or re-supply periods. 

A re-supply period is a busy time for DOC Rangers as there is a changeover in staff, maintenance and repairs take place and we receive supplies from the mainland. These periods occur twice a year usually during March and September.

Raoul Island will also not accept visitors on weekends as these are the Rangers days off.

Where can I land and what are the landing facilities?

If you hold an Entry Permit it allows you to land at Fishing Rock only. This is a rock landing with no facilities to assist.

How can I get to the Kermadec Islands?

You will need to organise your own transport to the island and this vessel will need to meet the requirements of the Regional Coastal Plan for the Kermadec Islands.

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