Walk along the Ngamoko Track as it steadily climbs to the Ngamoko Range summit. You will be rewarded for your hard work by the views at the summit.


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Track overview

Walking and tramping

5 - 7 hr 30 min Advanced: Tramping track

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


Ngamoko Track

Time: 2 hr 30 min to Ngamoko summit

The Ngamoko Track climbs to the Ngamoko Range summit, steeply at times, through dense forest. At lower altitudes the variety of forest trees is superb: light green tawa, red and silver beech trees, tall rimu with draping golden green leaves, and the mighty northern rata.

Higher up, above a row of sandstone bluffs, cooler temperatures and strong winds means the forest is dominated by the hardy silver beech. At the summit itself (1099 metres) gaps in the vegetation give glorious views of the length of Lake Waikaremoana in one direction, and green farmland ridges stretching away towards Gisborne and Wairoa in the other.

A short detour at the beginning of the Ngamoko Track takes you to one of the biggest rata trees in the country. It is around 1,000 years since it began life as a germinating seed high in the forks of a tree that itself was probably 400-500 years old.

Return via the same track or continue to Lake Kaitawa.

Lake Kaitawa via Ngamoko Track

Time: 5 hr from Ngamoko summit.

This is an extension of the tramp above extending your tramp to a full 8 hour day. It's a one way tramp - you'll need to arrange your own transport from Kaitawa at the end of the tramp.

Near Ngamoko summit a turn off to the right indicates the start of a long ridge which descends gradually through forest to Lake Kaitawa. There are good views in places.

Getting there

The track access point is located 2.4 km along the road from the Visitor Centre heading towards Wairoa. A sign indicates Whaitiri Point and opposite it is the starting point for the track.


Te Urewera Visitor Centre
Phone:   +64 6 837 3803
Address:   Te Kura Whenua
6249 Lake Road/SH38
Waikaremoana 4195
Te Urewera
Postal Address:   Kaitawa DOC Mailshed
Kaitawa Village
RD 5
Wairoa 4195
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