View from the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk
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Lake Waikaremoana is a marvellous destination for walkers. Besides the famous Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk there are a multitude of short and day walks.

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Water-based activities are popular on Lake Waikaremoana and most craft are permitted. Jet skis, house boats and float planes are not permitted.

Carry approved safety equipment and a local chart of the lake. Observe water safety regulations.

Be aware that conditions on the lake can change rapidly.


Brown and rainbow trout are found in Lake Waikaremoana. Fishing licenses can be bought from Fish & Game New Zealand and from the Waikaremoana Holiday Park store.


Kayaks are available for hire from the holiday park store.

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    About this place

    Getting there

    Lake Waikaremoana can be approached from two directions. SH38 links Wairoa and the East Coast with the central North Island, and passes the lake and the Te Urewera Visitor Centre in Aniwaniwa. The highway has a 2WD gravel surface for about 90 km between Murupara and Aniwaniwa (about a 2 hour drive). There are well marked side roads to the main boat ramps, campsites and walk entrances.

    Privately owned shuttle buses and water taxis provide transport to either end of the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk throughout the year. This allows walkers to leave their vehicle at the Waikaremoana Holiday Park where they are more secure than at the walk ends.

    Know before you go

    The lake is almost 600 m above sea level, with a cooler, wetter and more changeable climate than lower altitudes.


    Te Urewera Visitor Centre
    Phone:   +64 6 837 3803
    Address:   Te Kura Whenua
    6249 Lake Road/SH38
    Waikaremoana 4195
    Te Urewera
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