Riders of all ages can explore this network of trails through native and pine forest. Experienced riders can opt to extend their rides by combining multiple trail loops.

Track overview

Mountain biking

25 min + Easy: Grade 2
Intermediate: Grade 3

Dog access

No dogs
  • Stop kauri dieback and protect kauri
    • Kauri dieback disease is spread through soil.
    • Scrub soil off shoes and gear and check it's all removed before you go.
    • Use a cleaning station when you enter and leave.
    • Always stay on the track.

    How you can help save kauri

About this track


Mountain biker on the Hotoritori mountain bike trails.
Mountain biker on the Hotoritori mountain bike trails

Kim’s Track

Time: 25 min loop
Track category: Easy: Grade 2 

The trail starts from Hotoritori Campsite and is the main trail from which all other trails branch from. It follows a metal forestry road, then branches left to continue up a gentle hill section. This steepens for about 150 metres before coming to an old skid site plateau. From here the trail undulates in a large arc back to itself and finishes with a small creek crossing which is ride-able.

This track splits into a hard and easy option about ¾ of the way along, which gives more skilled riders a small downhill technical section before re-joining the main track.

Pypers Peak

Time: 20 min
Track category: Intermediate: Grade 3

This is the first trail to branch off  Kim’s Track, at the second old logging skid site, shortly after the small bridge crossing.

The trail starts with a steep but ride-able 200 metre metalled hill section, then veers sharply left to follow an undulating but mostly downhill trail on a Manuka covered ridge to re-join Kim’s Track at the third old skid site. From this skid site riders can continue on Kim’s Track to the right or go straight in to Split Ens.

Split Ens

Time: 20 min
Track category: Intermediate: Grade 3 

This trail winds its way down the hill to a point where it splits. Here riders have the option of going left back to the small bridge on Kim’s Track, or going right to the exit trail which is the last part of Kim’s Track.

Graeme’s Grind

Time: 15 min
Track category: Intermediate: Grade 3 

Graeme’s Grind is on the left, off Kim’s Track, just before the exit trail. It's a slightly technical climb back up the hill. From here:

  • Take Skid link on the left to the start of Split-Ens and Kim’s Track at the third old skid site. It has many twists and turns but is ride-able with only a couple of short very steep corners.
  • Return the same way to meet Kim’s Track at the exit trail. About 60 metres past the Skid link intersection, Graeme’s Grind splits to a hard or easy option to the exit trail.

Getting there

From SH25 at the southern entrance to Thames, turn right into Banks Street beside the service station. Banks Street veers right into Parawai Road, which then becomes Kauaeranga Valley Road. Follow this for 13k m to the Kauaeranga Visitors Centre. Note, the road changes from sealed to gravel after 10 km.

Hotoritori Campsite is the first camp on the left, 3 km past the Kauaeranga Visitors Centre.


Kauaeranga Visitor Centre
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