Fowler's Pass

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Fowlers Pass (1296 m) connects Fowlers Hut on Tophouse Road with Stanley Vale and Lake Guyon huts in the St James Conservation Area.

Track overview

16 km

Walking and tramping

5 hr 30 min Advanced: Tramping track

Mountain biking

Expert: Grade 5

Other activities

  • Horse riding

Dog access

Dogs allowed. Keep dog under control at all times.

About this track


Fowlers Pass (1296 m) connects Fowlers Hut on Tophouse Road with Stanley Vale and Lake Guyon huts, St James Conservation Area. It also links to the St James Cycle Trail.

This marked track has river crossings, scree slopes and a variety of gradients. Note that particuarly in winter, snow can make travel difficult and the area is prone to avalanches.

Fowlers Hut to Stanley Vale Hut

Time: 4 hr
Distance: 12 km

Stanley Vale Hut to Lake Guyon Hut

Time: 1 hr 30 min
Distance: 4 km

Getting there

Fowlers Hut is on Tophouse Road. From Hanmer Springs take Clarence Valley Road over Jacks Pass to connect with Tophouse Road (about 13 km from Hanmer Springs). This road follows the eastern boundary of St James Conservation Area.

Know before you go

While access into St James is relatively easy, this remains a remote backcountry area. There is no cell phone coverage. Before your trip ensure you have:

  • Checked the latest forecast
  • Left your intentions with someone
  • A PLB (personal locator beacon) or mountain radio
  • Enough warm clothing to spend the night out if you have to.


Avalanches can occur every year when there is snow in the mountains. Most occur during winter storms or in spring/early summer when warmer temperatures or rain make the snow unstable. Even if you can not see snow from the track there may be enough snow out of sight on upper slopes to form an avalanche that could reach the track.

Fowlers Pass Track is challenging avalanche terrain.


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