At some DOC sites you can see remnants of the machines that were once used for gold mining, timber milling, whaling, producing power and other activities.

Machines were the driving force of the industrial revolution. On lands managed by DOC, machines were commonly used by industries such as gold mining and timber milling and were generally either water or steam powered.

In some cases these machines were transported over very difficult terrain to remote sites by arduous methods such as sledging. Some machines were designed to be dismantled into smaller components to assist transport.

An interesting range of machines remain. Sometimes a twist of fate saw them left.  Other times their cost of removal exceeded their value so they were abandoned. Some are unique like the 1896 Rand Drill Co air compressor at Waiorongomai which is the oldest known Ingersoll Rand product surviving in the world.  Another is the 1901 electricity generator at Dawson Falls, which is the oldest General Electric export machine in the world in continuous operation.

DOC is working towards developing cost effective methods for stabilising these machines on site. There is a strong role for museums in machinery preservation with their controlled indoor environment. However there is also a role for preserving some examples on the sites on which they worked, and DOC is pursuing this approach as complementary to the museum role.



Bay of Plenty 

  • Okere Falls Power Station, Turbine, 1901
  • Rand Compressor, Waiorongomai, BOP

East Coast/Hawke's Bay

  • Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre, Turbine Trailer, 1926



  • Otaki Forks, Vulcan Log Hauler, 1930
  • Otaki Forks, Tararua Timber Mill, 1930


  • Awaroa Steam Engine, 1850
  • Belgrove Railway Windmill 1898
  • Johnston’s United Battery, Johnston’s United Battery, 1879
  • North Bank Wairau Gold Mines, Wellington Battery, 1901
  • Onekaka Iron Quarry and Dam 1924
  • Perano Whaling Station, Perano Machinery, 1923
  • Ransomes and Sims Engine, 1865
  • Rolling River Goldfield, Blue Creek Machinery, 1869
  • Rolling River Goldfield, Culliford's Battery, 1869
  • Rolling River Goldfield, Doran's Waterwheel/Battery/Aerial Ropeway, 1860
  • Ship Cove Historic Reserve, Cannons, 1813
  • Six Mile Power Station 1922

West Coast

  • Alborns Coalmine, 1880
  • Big River, Reefton/Inangahua goldfields1891
  • Blacks Point Historic Reserve, 1870
  • Brunner Mine Site, Grey Valley,1864
  • Charming Creek, north of Westport
  • Creosus-Moonlight Historic Area, 1901
  • Denniston, 1882
  • Gillespies Beach Historic Area, 1895
  • Kirwans Historic Area, Lord Brassey Gold Battery, 1900
  • Lake Mahinapua Paddle Steamer, 1883
  • Larry's Creek, 1874
  • Lyell Goldmine, Buller River
  • Mananui Tramway and Sawmill, Mahinapua Walkway, South of Hokitika
  • Millerton Coal Mine
  • Murray Creek, Reefton, 1870
  • Okarito, Blacks rail tractor, Franz Josef,1935
  • Waiuta Historic Area, 1908



  • Bendigo Historic Reserve, Come in Time Battery, 1880
  • Golden Point Historic Reserve, Callery’s Battery, 1889, Huntingdon Mill, 1890, Stamper Battery, 1902
  • Golden Progress Mine, Stamper Battery (operational), PPL, Boilers (3), 1928
  • Invincible Mine & Concentrator Historic Reserve, Concentrator, 1884, Invincible
  • Berdans, 1886, Stamper battery, 1882, Water wheel, 1882
  • Macetown Historic Reserve, Andersons Battery, 1907, Homeward Bound Battery, 1910
  • Mt Aurum Recreation Reserve, Nugget Battery, 1903, Steam Engine, 1910, Crystal Battery, 1936
  • Pioneer Stream Historic Reserve, Canton Battery, 1862, Victory water wheel, 1862
  • Serpentine Scenic Reserve, Serpentine stamp battery, 1878, Water wheel, 1878
  • Young Australian Waterwheel Historic Reserve, Waterwheel, 1875, Stamper battery, 1875


  • G.S.S. Stella Hull, North Port, Chalky Inlet 1876
  • Golden Site Battery & Mine, Preservation Inlet, 1892
  • Morning Star Mine & Te Oneroa Township, Preservation Inlet, 1894
  • Alpha Battery & Quartz Mine, Preservation Inlet, 1898
  • Tarawera Smelter and Mine, Preservation Inlet, 1911
  • McIntyre Sawmill, Cromarty, Preservation Inlet, 1894
  • Gallons Sawmill Site, Stewart Island, 1861
  • Maori Beach Haulers and Sawmill Site, Stewart Island, 1913
  • Kaipipi Whaling Base, Stewart Island, 1923
  • North East Harbour Whaling Base, Campbell Island, 1911
  • More's Top Mill Site, Johnston Locomotive & Boiler, Longwood Ranges, 1925
  • Printz Battery and Mine, Longwood Ranges, 1878
  • Waipapa Bucket Dredge Remains, Waipapa, Southland, 1935
  • Te Anau Downs Power Plant, 1883
  • Waipohatu Diesel Hauler, 1950
  • Port Pegasus Tin Mining, Stewart Island, 1912
  • Port Craig Sawmill, Port Craig, 1925
  • Port Pegasus Fishing Base, Stewart Island, 1897
  • Upper Hollyford Hydro-Station, Milford Road, 1936
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