Group volunteers at the Maungauika weeding event
Image: DOC | DOC


Across Aotearoa New Zealand, hundreds of conservation groups are working both with DOC and independently. Many focus on restoration and biodiversity recovery, while others specialise in protecting specific endangered species.

Community conservation groups engage in a range of activities, from restoring forests, coasts, and wildlife habitats to managing huts, tracks, and historic sites. With such a wide range of opportunities, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

Given the number of groups, we can't list them all here, but that's a positive sign of the extensive work being done by all New Zealanders.

To find local groups and opportunities, check your local newspapers, social media channels, or visit the Conservation Volunteers New Zealand website for more information.

You can also volunteer for a DOC project to make a direct impact.

Search for DOC volunteer opportunities in your area.

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